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HydroMassage Maintenance

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We understand that operating a fitness facility means you’re expected to maintain what seems like an overwhelming number of machines. Maintenance is unfortunately going to get overlooked from time to time, especially if you have a large selection of equipment. However, not maintaining your machines, can lead to injuries to your clients and also a​ shorter machine life and result in spending thousands of dollars to replace them when they give out. Just like your car must get regular maintenance, your fitness equipment must also have a regular routine maintenance schedule to keep it running in tip top shape and it is more affordable than you might think, whether its a home gym, commercial gym, multi family housing, condominium, work place gym, school or hotel we are up to the task of keeping your equipment in shape for years we can service annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Call us for a free estimate and get signed up with our program to protect your investment.

  We now offer once a week or once a month fitness equipment deep cleaning using high quality cleaners and disinfectants, each piece of fitness equipment and hydromassage beds will be completely wiped down top to bottom to help keep down on any odors, germs or bacteria from embedding onto the machine we know most gyms have their customers wipe down after each use but do they really do a thorough job probably not since they are more concerned with their workout.                     


Call For A Free Estimate.   (407)797-8325   

  Residential Maintenance-$90 one machine in a 50 mile radius of 32796

Commercial​ Maintenance-Please contact us for a quote.

Hyrdromassage Maintenance And Repair

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